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Alpha House Contact Info

2021-01-26 8:27 PM | Board of Directors (Administrator)

The following has been provided to us from our community partner, Alpha House, which can also be downloaded here as a PDF:

Who to contact and when


Alpha House Hostel
24/7 Building Line
(587) 437-8798

If you have a concern directly related to the hostel, such as noise or a garbage concern or if you have good reason to believe an issue involves an individual utilizing the program at this building.
911 Emergency Services If you believe that anyone’s safety is in jeopardy or you see a violent/criminal situation occurring.

Calgary Police Non-Emergency Services

If for any reason you feel that the situation should be dealt with by or reported to the police, but there are no threats to anyone’s safety, such as witnessing what appears to be a drug deal. Police will attend on a lesser-priority response time.

Alpha House D.O.A.P. Team

If you observe a vulnerable individual who appears to be intoxicated and requires support.
Alpha House Needle Response
If you find a needle in the community and want assistance getting it picked up.

Alpha House Encampment Team

If you see an individual "rough sleeping" who may be in need of support

Our Vision

An inclusive, thriving, and vibrant East Village where all are welcome to live, learn, work, and play.


To encourage conversation and interaction to create a sense of belonging and ownership for all who live, work, and play in East Village.

Our Connection


Mail: 610 8 Avenue S.E.
Calgary, AB T2G 0M1