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Architecture Articles

2021-05-21 2:19 PM | Vice President (Administrator)

Do you consider yourself an architecture aficionado?

EVNA is looking for local writers to help us create a series of articles all about East Village’s history, architecture, and urban design. We're aiming to make our website a resource, not just for residents, but for Calgarians and travellers alike. Rather than a dull ‘stats sheet’ on each building noting the dry data, we're hoping for a well-researched and engaging story that will help residents have a greater appreciation for each building and entice travellers to visit them as well.

Each article will tell the story of a single building:

  • what it’s like to visit,
  • the interesting details it has that visitors should look for,
  • the circumstances that lead to its conception and design,
  • who designed it and when,
  • what occupants or uses it has had, etc.

The article will also feature as many photos as we can get, new and old. Bonus marks for diagrams or other illustrations!

EVNA is completely volunteer based. As such, we wouldn’t be able to offer monetary compensation but will be happy to give you full credit everywhere its posted (tagged with or without your photo, up to you) and, of course, you can use it for your own portfolio.

If you're interested, please email me at!

Here is a list of buildings and bridges we're hoping to include:

  • 5th & Third
  • Arris
  • ALT Hotel
  • "Booker's Building"
  • Calgary Drop-in & Rehab Centre
  • Calgary Public Library: Central Library
  • Cecil Hotel
  • Centre of Hope
  • East Village Community Church
  • East Village Place
  • ENMAX / District Energy
  • EV Experience / Harvest Building
  • Evolution
  • First on Colour
  • George C King Tower
  • George C King | Skipping Stone Bridge
  • The Hat
  • Hillier Block
  • Hilton Garden Inn | Homewood Suites
  • Hostels International: Calgary City Centre
  • INK
  • King Eddy Hotel
  • M2
  • Murdock Mannor
  • N3
  • National Music Centre | Studio Bell
  • Orange Lofts
  • Platform Innovation Centre & Parkade
  • Reconciliation | Langevin Bridge
  • Riverfront
  • Riverfront Pointe
  • Rivertwin
  • Salvation Army
  • Simmons [article published 2021-07-16]
  • St. Louis Hotel
  • Verve

as well as any others lost to history!

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To encourage conversation and interaction to create a sense of belonging and ownership for all who live, work, and play in East Village.

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