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Derek is coming to town...

2020-11-30 8:30 AM | Marketing (Administrator)

Hey #evneighbours! It’s me; Derek! Thank you for swiping right on me! I was really looking forward to a break from all the busy activity here in the North Pole. This time of year is exhausting and yet, exciting!

Santa is finally giving me an outside assignment! Comet (with permission from the Flying Reindeer Union 12/25 chapter) has agreed to fly me to Calgary, and I will be in the East Village on December 1!

We don’t really know each other yet, so I won’t tell you where I am staying, but, as a tourist, I will be checking out all the many East Village attractions and reporting back to Santa. Santa wants to know the usual… naughty, nice… blah, blah, blah. I have personal ambitions. Hey, I’d like a movie deal too! So, I have some ideas about how to make the next 24 days, well, magical. Stay tuned East Village… Derek is coming to town.

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