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One for the "nice" list

2020-12-08 2:00 PM | Marketing (Administrator)

I got thinking about the "list" side of my mission from Santa, so I figured I would present some nice things you #evneighbours have been up to!

Gotta keep the red man satisfied if I want to stay on vacation. Er…I mean, on assignment. Thank you, East Village for making it the easiest thing in the world, and now I can go back to sipping some Christmas libations! I popped into the INK building and discovered what those INK’sters are up to! They're collecting non-perishable goods for the @calgarydropin. They only started a few weeks ago and they're already on their 3rd box!

Let me know the acts of kindness that your building, friends, & family are up to! I wanna hear all about it. No really I do, not just trying to get you to do my work for me...

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