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Contactless book pickup!

2020-12-15 1:00 PM | Marketing (Administrator)


Well, it’s wintery and cozy in my EV home away from home. A visit to the Calgary Public Library today will mean I have new books to snuggle up with tonight! The library is offering curbside pickup these days to keep things safe and convenient! How awesome is that! I just show up and they hand me my books!

One of the perks to being an elf is that you can make any place you visit feel like a fun playground. The library building is really an extraordinary architectural landmark (an elf on the shelf’s dream come true), but have you seen the stair handrails!  Perfect for sliding down!    

When I said I feel at home here, I meant it. The people and landscape are really making this elf feel less like he is 100 million miles from home. I mean, it’s pretty easy for me to make my own fun being the 11” tall party animal that I am, but there are also times where an elf likes to put on his glasses, find a nice comfy spot on a shelf and catchup on some reading. How will you make your own fun this holiday season?

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