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Art Walk

2020-12-21 5:00 PM | Marketing (Administrator)

Good Day Neighbours! It’s been a few weeks now of getting to know each other and I think we are starting to have a pretty good friendship! The type of friendship where you tell each other anything! You might not know this about me yet...but I LOVE a photo opportunity! Maybe it’s because I’m from the North Pole, but there are only so many times you can take a picture with a snowman before it looks forced. I confess, I have been going on a regular Art Walk right here in the EV; it’s been magical, sometimes the light is perfect and the colours really pop and Voila! Another amazing Selfie!  I call it the “Elfie”.   

I like to start my walk with Julian Opie’s computerized LED-animated piece called Promenade, it really gets me moving! Along the Riverwalk you can see Ron Moppet’s Tile Murals, Katie Green’s photographic installation and look across the river and see Bloom a sculpture by Michel de Broin on St. Patrick’s Island.

Over at the Library, I like waving hello to Christian Moeller’s three-piece sculpture, TRIO (they are the kind of friends you can have without ever saying a word). 

I like to end my walk at the Bounce Game Park, the murals named Found Home, by MAUD always make me smile, because I feel very at home here in the EV. I might even use a couple of these “Elfies” to send out for my Christmas card this year! 

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