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Visiting St. Patrick's Island

2020-12-22 6:00 PM | Marketing (Administrator)

A few days ago I went on a mini urban hiking experience at St. Patrick’s Island. It’s so cool to be able to be surrounded by nature just a few steps from my home away from home! It’s got some pretty cool spots to watch the river and the geese who are still here even in the winter?And guess what? I even saw that there is a curling area too. I’m really embracing the Canadian winter experience! I hope that next year I’ll be able to try it out with some friends (COVID-19 permitting of course). 

Something that I wish I brought with me to this trip was a sled, I didn’t know you had a giant hill that I can toboggan in! Even without a sled, I still enjoyed the views from the top. You can see the City from up there! Oh look that’s where I live! 

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