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Street Fair Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve registered and paid for a booth, now what?  

Congratulations, welcome to the East Village Street Fair! You are registered and expected to attend the event on July 1st. We will send you a vendor package to promote the event on your social media channels. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Two weeks prior to the event we will be delivering load in/load out instructions to every vendor. Please read our Vendor Agreement and Emergency Response Plan. If you have any questions, please contact  

What is included with my registration?  

For all vendors except for food trucks and art walk vendors, a 10x10 space is provided with a8ft table. Promotion for the event is conducted by the East Village Neighbourhood Association in the community, online and through social media channels, partners and sponsorships.  

What is not included with my registration?  

Vendors must provide their own tent and ensure it is CAN ULC S109 fire rated and provide 25lb tent weights for each leg. Weights may include sandbags, weights specifically designed for tent usage, dumbbells, plates, & more. If you have any questions about approved tents and tent weights, please contact If Vendors require more tables than what is provided, they must provide those on their own, and ensure they are able to be contained within the 10x10 space provided. The East Village Neighbourhood Association does not provide chairs, POS systems, change/floats. No power is provided.  

Vendors providing tents may need to provide more details such as brand name and a copy of the fire rated tag if required by the City of Calgary. 

Do I need insurance?  

The East Village Neighbourhood Association is not responsible for any loss or expense due to damage or injury while participating in the event. We recommend all vendors carry their own liability insurance. For more details please see our terms & conditions. 

Can I share my booth with another vendor?  

Yes, if the vendor meets the same category criteria, and you can contain both businesses in the same 10x10 space. When registering please include both business names, contacts and descriptions.  

Can I book more than one space?  

Yes, please indicate on your registration if you would prefer both booths to be side by side or in different locations.  

Can I play music or have performances at my booth? 

Use of amplified music will not be permitted at booths. If you are a musician or performer interested in performing at the East Village Street fair please click here.  

Am I allowed to hand out marketing materials from my booth?  

Yes, you may hand out marketing materials from your booth however canvassing the crowd will not be permitted.  

Is power and water provided? 

No, power and water are not provided to vendors. Inverter generators are the only type of generator permitted.  

Can I request a special location for my booth?  

The East Village Street Fair takes into consideration the needs of different vendors and will locate vendors near relevant events (i.e.: family-oriented businesses and organizations near the family activities area.) However, we cannot guarantee specific locations.  

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