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Visual Identity

The Concept

In the spirit of embracing the diversity that this community embodies, many of the elements chosen to create this logo mirror this unique characteristic. Diversity from all levels is expressed by the variety of colours and heights of the buildings, as well as the diverse shades, sizes, and directions of the tiles. Finally the circle encompasses it all as a unique and inclusive community. The people, the tiles becoming one and the same.

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Incorrect Use

The Colours

The colours that make up this brand, reflect all levels of diversity of this community. It also represents the bright personalities of the individuals and the acceptance of all differences.

“Purple Plum”

HEX #792E6D
CMYK 66 100 38 0
RGB 121 46 109
Pantone 249 C

“Orange Peel”

HEX #F37029
CMYK 0 70 95 0
RGB 243 112 41
Pantone 1585 C

“Blue Slate”

HEX #537281
CMYK 31 0 0 61
RGB 83 114 129
Pantone 5405 C

“Pink Salsa”

CMYK 10 100 50 0
RGB 218 28 92
Pantone Rubine Red C

“Yellow Sun”

CMYK 0 35 85 0
RGB 251 176 64
Pantone 1365 C

“Stone 1”

CMYK 19-8-8-0
RGB 204 217 224

“Red Brick”

HEX #EF4136
CMYK 0 90 85 0
RGB 239 65 154
Pantone Warm Red C

“Teal Skies”

HEX #00A79D
CMYK 80 10 45 0
RGB 0 167 157
Pantone 3272 C

“Stone 2”

CMYK 11-4-4-0
RGB 225-233-237

The Spacing

The spacing around the logo is determined by the size of the word ‘EAST’ unscaled.

The word creates the peripheral of the logo. Mainly other brand logos should never enter this peripheral. This maintains the logo’s integrity.

Our Vision

An inclusive, thriving, and vibrant East Village where all are welcome to live, learn, work, and play.


To encourage conversation and interaction to create a sense of belonging and ownership for all who live, work, and play in East Village.

Our Connection


Mail: 610 8 Avenue S.E.
Calgary, AB T2G 0M1