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  • 2020-12-01 10:00 AM | Marketing (Administrator)

    Day 1

    Good morning #evneighbours! Comet flew all night and look, arriving in time for this beautiful sunrise! A relaxing morning, drinking some coffee, walking towards the Riverwalk path just outside Bookers BBQ Grill & Crab Shack and the Riverfront Pointe condos! Just beginning my East Village journey and it's looking like a point to the nice side already! 

  • 2020-11-30 8:30 AM | Marketing (Administrator)

    Hey #evneighbours! It’s me; Derek! Thank you for swiping right on me! I was really looking forward to a break from all the busy activity here in the North Pole. This time of year is exhausting and yet, exciting!

    Santa is finally giving me an outside assignment! Comet (with permission from the Flying Reindeer Union 12/25 chapter) has agreed to fly me to Calgary, and I will be in the East Village on December 1!

    We don’t really know each other yet, so I won’t tell you where I am staying, but, as a tourist, I will be checking out all the many East Village attractions and reporting back to Santa. Santa wants to know the usual… naughty, nice… blah, blah, blah. I have personal ambitions. Hey, I’d like a movie deal too! So, I have some ideas about how to make the next 24 days, well, magical. Stay tuned East Village… Derek is coming to town.

  • 2020-10-31 8:00 AM | Board of Directors (Administrator)

    As you may already know, your East Village Neighbourhood Association held its 2020 Annual General Meeting last week at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel on October 24th. This AGM was to have been held in March of 2020 but was delayed due to the COVID 10 pandemic.

    During the meeting, financial and community reports were presented; proposed amendments to EVNA’s bylaws were presented, voted on, and passed; recognition of community members made; and a new board of directors elected.

    If you were unable to attend, you may now watch the AGM presentation on our website. You may also view EVNA's 2020 Report to the Community online, or download the PDF here.

    At a subsequent board meeting, officers of the board were elected, and director and coordinator roles established as follows:

    Please ensure your contact records are updated accordingly. You may view our personal bios online here.

    For more East Village news and EVNA events,
    please visit our new website at
    and follow us on social media @yycEVNA

    Thank you for your continued interest in the affairs of our neighbourhood. 


    The Board of Directors,
    East Village Neighbourhood Assocation

  • 2020-10-13 2:20 PM | Vice President (Administrator)

    Central Library opens wellness desk offering free mental health support

    Written by Chandler Walter for DHNews Calgary

    Central Library opens wellness desk offering free mental health support

    The Calgary Central Library just got a brand new addition.

    A release from Calgary Public Library states that their newest and busiest building is now home to a wellness desk that offers free mental health support to library visitors.

    “The Library is evolving to meet the needs of our city during an unprecedented mental health crisis, one which has worsened due to a pandemic,” said Mark Asberg, CEO for Calgary Central Public Library, in the release.

    “The Wellness Desk will offer a welcoming, safe, and discreet opportunity for all members of the community to seek help with mental health concerns or issues.”

    The desk is available to visitors on a drop-in basis on afternoons and early evenings. The desk features mental health professionals from Wood’s Homes, a children’s mental health centre that has been operating in Calgary for over a century.

    “Wood’s Homes is proud to be providing mental health services at the Central Library’s new Wellness Desk,” said Bjorn Johansson, CEO for Wood’s Homes, in the release.

    “Service accessibility and immediacy are contributors to improved mental health, especially in these times when many of us need help and support. We have a longstanding reputation with the community and see this opportunity as another step in ensuring that Calgarians know we are here to help.”

    The support services will be free for all visitors of the library, thanks to the financial support from the City of Calgary, RBC Foundation, and donors of the Calgary Public Library Foundation.

    The Wellness Desk is located on level 3 in room 3-19A and will operate until December 31.

    Read original article on DHNews Visit The Calgary Public Library's Wellness Desk

  • 2020-10-01 12:00 PM | Vice President (Administrator)

    The East Village Neighbourhood Association (EVNA) invites you to our 

    Annual General Meeting 2020 
    on Saturday, October 24 at 10:30am 
    at Hilton Garden Inn (711 4 St SE).

    While event registration is not required, it is appreciated. 
    Register Here

    The AGM was postponed from our usual spring schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently we were given the OK to resume in-person meetings as long as we maintain physical distancing requirements and wear masks while moving around the space.


    1. Introductions & Welcome 
    2. Call to Order 
    3. Reports to Community  
    4. Voting of Proposed Bylaw Amendments
    5. Community Members Recognition 
    6. Present Board Nominees 
    7. Voting on Board 
    8. Adjournment 

    For more information, please check out our new website:

    • Click here to learn more about becoming a member 
    • Click here to learn more about EVNA's current Board of Directors
    • Click Here to review EVNA's existing and proposed bylaws

    All residents are encouraged to join us, though only members prior to September 24, 2020 are entitled to vote on the incoming Board of Directors and the proposed updated Bylaws being presented.

    If you have any questions in advance, or if you would like to put your name forward as a nominee for the Board of Directors, please email

    We look forward to seeing you there!

  • 2020-09-29 12:57 PM | Vice President (Administrator)

    7 St. S.E. Closure

    The following Information Notice is from; hard copies were delivered to East Village residents' mailboxes this week.

    7 St. S.E. and the west Elbow River pathway, from 9 Ave. to MacDonald Ave. S.E, was closed on April 8, 2019, to accommodate construction as part of the 9 Ave. S.E. Bridge replacement project.

    Following completion of this project, 7 St. S.E. will remain permanently closed. The West Elbow River pathway along 7 St. S.E. will be re-opened for pedestrians and cyclists once construction is complete.

    This decision has been made based on a thorough review of the area by The City, including consideration of the Beltline Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) and CMLC’s Rivers District Master Plan, which support closing 7 St. S.E. to vehicle traffic to enhance the safety and experience of those who walk and wheel along this route.

    Community and business access for all modes of travel will continue to be available as outlined in this map:

    For more information, please visit:

  • 2020-09-23 7:13 PM | Vice President (Administrator)

    Construction begins on Village Commons in Calgary’s East Village

    Original article from Calgary Newsroom

    This community space is a partnership between Calgary Housing Company, carya, and Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

    Calgary Housing Company (CHC), in partnership with carya and the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC), is excited to announce the start of construction of Village Commons – a brand new community hub that will be located on the second floor of CHC’s East Village Place (610 8th Ave SE).

    On September 24th from 11AM – 1PM we will be hosting an event in East Village’s 5th Street Square (712 5th St SE) to provide a taste of what is to come at Village Commons.

    After an extensive process to determine the programs and services desired by residents and the community, CHC found the perfect partner in carya – an organization with more than 110 years of creating healthier, more connected communities in Calgary. It was critical to find a strong partner that could operate a sustainable program without subsidies from CHC’s residential operations.

    “We are pleased to have found such great partners, and that we are able to be part of developing an important resource for the community,” says Sarah Woodgate, President of Calgary Housing Company.

    Village Commons will feature a community kitchen designed by Group2 Architecture Interior Design Ltd, in partnership with their kitchen consultant, Burnstad Consulting, an art studio for classes and self-directed creativity, recreation spaces, a family counselling centre, and common areas for neighbours to get to know each other. All Calgarians will be welcome to learn, cook, create, and access the mental health supports they need to thrive.

    “carya got its start in East Village in 1910, so we’re thrilled to be coming full circle with Village Commons,” says carya CEO Monique Auffrey. “After months of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this community gathering space will be more important than ever.”

    65% of East Village residents live alone, which means that social isolation is an ongoing concern. Village Commons will join existing landmarks such as the Calgary Public Library, Salvation Army, and Studio Bell as an important place in the neighbourhood to gather, access resources, and build community.

    “I am really quite excited about this project,” says area Councilor Druh Farrell. “It’s another piece in the puzzle of a diverse new community coming together. carya does such great work – I know the programs they offer will be a great value to seniors, families and other residents of East Village.”

    Through partnerships with the Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation and the Calgary Flames Foundation, Farm Credit Canada, and others, carya has already begun to imagine what programming in Village Commons will look like. Alongside new food and nutrition opportunities, many of carya’s existing programs will be offered in the space, all at either no or low cost. Funding and donations, including a grant from the Government of Alberta’s Community Facility Enhancement Program, are helping to make this possible.

    carya will connect with an estimated 24,000 people from all ages and stages of life in the first five years of opening the new space. Village Commons will open its doors in early 2021.

    CHC is also pleased to be partnering with CMLC who will project manage the construction project. CMLC brings significant project management expertise as well as important perspective as the agency responsible for the implementation of the East Village Master Plan.

    “East Village has evolved into a vibrant mixed-use community with a diverse mix of residents. carya’s Village Commons enriches the community and brings an important community space where residents of all ages are welcome,” says Kate Thompson, President and CEO, CMLC.

    Additional commercial space on the ground floor of the building is being offered for lease with the goal of locating tenants who will further contribute to the rapidly evolving neighbourhood.

    CHC purchased East Village Place in 2016 and currently provides 163 affordable homes in the building.


  • 2020-05-05 12:00 PM | Vice President (Administrator)

    Four-phased East Village development returns to Calgary Planning Commission

    Written 2020-05-05 by Anosha Khan at

    More neighbours, more vitality, more customers for local businesses.

    That’s what the East Village Courtyard development could mean for the southeast Calgary neighbourhood.

    The development permit application is being heard at the Calgary Planning Commission meeting on May 7. It’s a mixed use development site with residential suites, office and retail space.

    “It’s an exciting development. It’s the next step in East Village,” said Ward 7 councillor Druh Farrell.

    The development application was first submitted by Gibbs Gage Architects on Dec. 1, 2015, but multiple concerns about the application had to be addressed and several revisions have been made since then.

    “It’s come a long way from its original design and I’m pleased to support it,” Farrell said.

    East Village project specs

    There will be four phases to the development. One will include one 15-storey residential tower. A second will have a 24-storey residential tower. The third will be an 11-storey mid-rise office tower. The final phase will have a 33-storey residential tower. The area will include retail and consumer services and public art and open space within the central courtyard.

    “Every new resident that’s welcomed into East Village helps us get toward the critical mass that we need for a thriving community, it helps with the local businesses,” said Farrell.

    It brings in a lot of new residents and office space, which is something the area is lacking, said Tom Jenson, the planning committee director at the East Village Neighbourhood Association.

    “We have a lot of surface parking in the center area right now which doesn’t add to the vitality of our community, to have these empty spaces,” he said.

    “So filling that in is probably the biggest benefit.”

    Area hostel lost with redevelopment

    The site sits on an entire block that includes the area of 6 Avenue SE and 7 Avenue SE and between Riverfront Lane SE and 5 Street SE. The area is currently home to a parking lot and the HI Calgary City Center Hostel, which will be demolished.

    “I think the loss of the hostel that’s currently on the site is a loss not just for our neighbourhood but also for the city,” said Jenson

    “We won’t have a downtown hostel like that anymore once this has started.”

    According to Farrell and Jenson, there are no major concerns with the site.

    “With any major development there’s always mixed reactions,” said Jenson

    “There’s always going to be some pushback but I think overall it looks like it’s going to be a really nice development and really add a lot to our community.”

    He says in general, the community of East Village has accepted that it’s expanding and that new developments are coming in.

    Timeline for the East Village development

    In terms of the pandemic and the overall economic situation, Farrell said the city’s is looking at developments that have full intent to build.

    “I think we will see a slowing of the economy,” she says.

    “But I’m always pleased when we see developments moving forward and the economical activity and the jobs associated with it.”

    Jenson describes the issues as a “blip in the overall scheme” and that it won’t have a huge impact aside from perhaps a few timeline changes.

    The development will predominantly bring positive changes to the community.

    “It just helps complete the vision that we started a decade ago,” says Farrell.

    Jenson mentions that the association is always looking to participate in all of the development permit applications.

    “We’re excited to see where these kinds of developments will take us in the future.”

    Read original article at


    File Number: DP2015-4974
    Status: Approved (July 07, 2020); pending release

  • 2020-05-04 12:00 PM | President (Administrator)

    Dear EV Neighbours, 

    After lengthy discussion and consideration of public safety due to the global COVID-19 outbreak, the East Village Neighbourhood Association (EVNA) has decided to cancel our annual East Village Street Fair that was to take place on Canada Day. With the current physical distancing and large gathering restrictions put in place by the Alberta Government and The City of Calgary we are not able to continue on July 1, 2020 as we had hoped. 

    We are already busy planning the 2021 East Village Street Fair for July 1 of next year and are excited to bring a bigger, better Street Fair to our community to celebrate our beautiful country, the resilience of our community, and the vibrant and diverse neighbours living in and around the East Village. 

    To our loyal vendors, we appreciate your continued support, patience, and understanding during this difficult time. Furthermore, for those vendors who have already purchased a spot for this year’s event, we have decided to reserve/hold your spot at next year’s Street Fair event 2021, at no additional cost, and irrespective of any potential price increases or fees. 

    We anticipate and hope that Street Fair 2021 will be a more successful year with much greater traffic as a result of the inevitable relaxation of COVID-19 pandemic measure that are currently in place. 

    To this end, we hope and wish that our friends, neighbours, and entire community are staying safe and we look forward to seeing you all at next summer’s East Village Street Fair event. 

    Follow our social media channels @yycEVNA to stay up to date on this and other East Village events! 


    EVNA Board of directors 

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