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  • 2020-12-14 1:00 PM | Marketing (Administrator)

    Happy Monday East Village! I don’t know about you, but this chilly Monday has me feeling very flipsy tipsy....and topsy turvy. When you are an elf like me just visiting from the North Pole, sometimes things seem a bit...upside down. 

    To cure a case of the Mondays, I stopped to ponder the unique public art piece “Device to Root out Evil”, by world famous artist Dennis Oppenheim, here in the EV square. Glass, aluminum, steel! Oh My!  Just like me, this public art piece has travelled the globe and making stops and “crashing” in few cities along the way. I better let Santa know about this sculpture, so that he doesn’t get mixed up on which way is “up”, when he lands his sleigh in Calgary’s East Village!

    Well, even for a little elf like me, this upside-down church has me feeling right side up again and ready to continue the holiday count down in the East Village! 

  • 2020-12-13 2:00 PM | Marketing (Administrator)

    Adventuring is my game, Derek is my name! Gotta tell ya though, some days just call for cozying up and taking in other people's adventures! So, Christmas movie marathon it is! 
    I'm sure you can guess such movie I started with today. The quintessential Christmas movie of course!  
    What really makes a movie Christmas though is the spirit and memories behind it. I remember being just a wee elf watching this movie with friends and then getting our mouths washed out with soap from the older elves as we spent weeks quoting it! Now it's an annual tradition and I even like the taste of soap now!
    What's your Christmas tradition? Do you have a favourite movie? What's your favourite line? On this chilly day fill my heart with Christmas stories, East Village! 


  • 2020-12-12 1:00 PM | Marketing (Administrator)


    Thought I'd take this great day to check Bounce! Man, are you guys lucky to have all these places to play here in the East Village! I'm going to be demanding some renovations and development in the elf village when I get home, let me tell you!

    Unfortunately, it was maybe a little too chilly today? Being from North Pole this weather is practically balmy! It's ok if I didn't find any friends today, I also found an Instagram worthy photo spot right outside Brewer's Apprentice and uh.... maybe a growler full of Christmas cheer as well!

  • 2020-12-11 5:00 PM | Marketing (Administrator)

    Another Friday and another daytime fun time! These little legs are finding with all this walking around the East Village I’m getting human-size hungry! We whipped up a batch of holiday granola to make sure I fuel up before a day of exploring. This recipe makes a lot of granola! Perfect for sharing! I have made so many friends here in the EV, thought I’d drop off a few bags at my neighbours' doors as a yummy surprise!




    6 cups oats 

    1/2 cup nonfat dried milk 

    1/2 cup brown sugar 

    3/4 cup wheat germ 

    1/2 cup coconut  

    1/4 cup sesame seeds 

    2/3 cup honey 

    2/3 cup vegetable oil 

    tablespoons water 

    1  1/2 teaspoons vanilla 


    In a large bowl combine dry ingredients. Stir together honey, oil, water, and vanilla and add to dry mixture. Stir to coat well. Turn into 2 large shallow pans or cookie sheets.  Heat 300 degree oven for 25-25 minutes or until cereal is lightly toasted. Stir twice during heating, every 12 minutes. Let cool, stir occasionally during cooking.  

    Optional additions after it has cooled: Add 1 cup chopped nuts, 1 cup raisins, or some chocolate chips  

  • 2020-12-10 11:00 AM | Marketing (Administrator)

    Alright folks, I need to address the elephant in the room, no, no, not the one in the picture, he’s a chill dude. I know you guys are under heavy restrictions now and this won’t be the normal Christmas season. And like you, I had some plans that just aren’t going to work out. It’s tough, there is no way around it.

    But just ten days here in the East Village and one of the first things I discovered is what an incredible group of amazing, kind-hearted, and resilient people make up the neighbourhood I have gotten to know firsthand. I may have the magic of the North Pole but that is nothing compared to the hearts and energy East Village has!

    We all need a little joy now, and I want to spread some joy, so tell me what brings you joy! I’m Derek. I’m the joyful, joybringing, enjoying joy elf! It’s on my business cards even. Also I just really like how the word joy sounds!

  • 2020-12-09 11:30 AM | Marketing (Administrator)

    Derek's Adventures: Decorating is hard work! But I gotta keep up! You guys went all out! I asked for a hundred, I got 175. Well then, the game is afoot!

    EVNA reminded me that East Village neighbours do NOT mess around. A real challenge then eh?

    Let’s Light up The Village and get 300 light displays! Light up your window, your balcony, your car, your bike? Whatever you want, let’s get lit!

    Speaking of challenges, apparently there are some rules about unidentified flying objects zooming between buildings, no matter how magical! Since I can’t put my magical elf skillz to use, want to help me out #evneighbours with better photos?! DM your favourite light displays around the neighbourhood. Some of you are up pretty high, just chilling on your balconies is like flying anyways!

  • 2020-12-08 2:00 PM | Marketing (Administrator)

    I got thinking about the "list" side of my mission from Santa, so I figured I would present some nice things you #evneighbours have been up to!

    Gotta keep the red man satisfied if I want to stay on vacation. Er…I mean, on assignment. Thank you, East Village for making it the easiest thing in the world, and now I can go back to sipping some Christmas libations! I popped into the INK building and discovered what those INK’sters are up to! They're collecting non-perishable goods for the @calgarydropin. They only started a few weeks ago and they're already on their 3rd box!

    Let me know the acts of kindness that your building, friends, & family are up to! I wanna hear all about it. No really I do, not just trying to get you to do my work for me...

  • 2020-12-07 4:30 PM | Marketing (Administrator)

    Hey #evneighbours, are you sure it's December here!?! Like it's not some Calgary time warp back to fall? Another day, another new friend.... This one was a little furrier mind you. Mochi and I met at that amazing dog park your East Village has, might have to see about getting one for the reindeer outside of Santa's shop.

    Speaking of reindeer, went for a little ride around the park...uh...it did not go smoothly.... Good thing I'm an adventure loving elf!

  • 2020-12-06 12:00 PM | Marketing (Administrator)

    I’ll let you in on a little secret. I didn’t want to tell you where I am staying in the East Village. Not because I don’t want you to know, but hey, let’s face it, if word gets out, then I’m in the media, paparazzi is all over me, and to tell you the truth; I’m staying with friends. They just wouldn’t be able to handle the attention.

    Anywhoo, I have another secret. Christmas magic isn’t about gifts and shopping or baking. That’s all nice but the real magic is the Christmas in people Today, East Village... you really showed me a good time. Wow! Nice points galore! You get nice points! You get nice points!


    Checked out St. Patrick’s Island. Went for a bike ride with this guy (he’s totally on Santa’s A list). Met the gals for a picnic (they know how to roll). I met Mike He took me for a ride on a seriously tricked out red scooter (Santa digs red). Speaking of scooters, saw a duo of lovely ladies struggling with a scooter mishap. Let’s just say that the two men who stopped to help are definitely on Santa’s “nice” list. Remember; Derek is watching.


  • 2020-12-05 3:00 PM | Marketing (Administrator)

    How you doin’? I’m Derek. International Elf of intrigue…yeah, that line gets me pretty much no where. Yet, I am an International Elf of… oh, okay right.

    This is really my first trip anywhere, but I’ve learned a lot about the world from reading Santa’s letters and eavesdropping on morning cocoa conversations between Mr. and Mrs. Claus. What? I’m an Elf on a shelf. Don’t judge me. I eavesdrop. It’s my thing. I thought that I came to Calgary prepared. It’s cold, there’s snow. No one told me about the Geese and no one told me to expect a Hygge Hut. Right here in East Village! Not kidding! Right on the Riverwalk. It’s very Hygge. Covid covered. A chance warm yourself and talk to your neighbours by the warmth of a fire. I personally find the weather really hot! Not what they described at all, but everyone keeps telling me that it gets cold! Okay. We’ll see.

    I’ll leave you today with a little advice from an International Elf of Intrigue (stop laughing). Beware of your plastic bits in a Hygge Hut. Jus’ sayin. No reason. I’m fine. 

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